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Discussion And Analysis Of Ten Problems In The New Reform of Painting Technology

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Discussion And Analysis Of Ten Problems In The New Reform of Painting Technology

2013/03/01 08:52
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    one. What is dripping?




    The paint flows out from the coating library above the coating machine through the curtain knife to form a continuous and complete lacquer curtain. The workpiece is fed by the conveyor belt, and the surface of the coating is sprayed with a uniform coating. Floor. The paint that has not been applied to the workpiece is returned to the paint hopper through the return tank, and then transported to the paint library for recycling by the transfer pump.




    Second, what kinds of drying methods are there?




    The coating is divided into four methods: drying at room temperature, drying, microwave drying, and UV drying.




    Third, what kinds of paint is sprayed?




    Can be coated with PU paint, PE paint, NC paint, UV paint, water-based paint




    four. What is the composition of the coating system?




    The first type of intermittent PU coating line design: self-conveying double-sided vacuum dust collector, 100,000-class dust-free coating room, 7 meters, 100,000-level spray-coated dry room, dust-free dry room (can also be designed as: Microwave drying tunnel 15 meters).




    The second line of rapid drying PU coating design: self-conveying double-sided vacuum dust collector, 100,000 class dust-free coating room, 7 meters, defoaming leveling tunnel, 45 meters, solvent evaporation table, weak microwave tunnel, 45 meters, solid dry The microwave drying tunnel is 15 meters, and the cold air cooling package section is 5 meters.




    The third line of rapid drying water-based paint coating design: self-conveying double-sided vacuum dust collector, 100,000 class dust-free coating room 7 meters, moisture volatilization table dry microwave tunnel 45 meters, solid dry microwave drying tunnel 15 meters, cold air Cool the package section 5 meters.




    The fourth line of rapid drying UV paint coating design: self-transport double-sided vacuum dust collector, 100,000 class dust-free coating room 7 meters, weak microwave defoaming leveling tunnel 45 meters, UV dryer 3 meters, packaging section.




    The 100,000-level spray coating room is equipped with a volatile solvent suction tower, a positive pressure air supply, a coating machine, and a paint mixing area. Air dust standard is required to be less than 10 microns




    Fives. Where can the coating be applied?




    The coating is applied to a flat workpiece of 10 cm or less. The coating is widely used in the door industry, panel furniture, kitchen cabinets, flooring, lines, decorative glass, new environmentally friendly building materials, printing, blinds, inkjet, handicrafts, calcium silicate board, ecological board, exterior wall insulation and decoration industry. Decorative painting.




    six. What are the benefits of showering?




    Paint coating methods are divided into: spray coating, spray coating, brush coating, roller coating, dip coating. The coating is the most environmentally friendly, labor-saving, paint-saving, fast, good mirror effect and good opening effect. The coating can only be used to deposit flat workpieces, which is its disadvantage.




    The development of the coating is very fast.




    PU coating and PU spraying benefits, bad points comparison table 1




    Features PU spray coating PU spray mirror effect is good, there are sprayed orange peel hole effect, uniform easy to pile holes, operator porters, labor saving 3 times professional sprayer




    The paint consumption is lacquer-free, the loss-free loss is about 50%, the speed is 5 times faster, the space is saved, the space is consumed, the electricity is saved, the power consumption is 10 times, the power consumption waste water has no water curtain, the sewage waste paint mist, the PM2.5 has no, the working environment toxicity High waste paint residue




    Less exhaust gas 1 times investment 280,000 (dust removal machine + spray coating room + spray coating machine) 450,000 (one spray coating room = 9 oil room) spray gun + water curtain cabinet + to be dry room + air pump recruitment good recruit workers oil workers It is difficult to find whether it is possible to construct a special-shaped piece.




    Seven. What are the factors that make the surface finish of the coating?




    a. The quality of the coating;




    b. precision of the coating machine




    c. Operational control of process parameters such as coating viscosity, conveyor speed, and bottom slit width of the coating machine.




    d. Dust-free level of the coating room




    e. Double-sided vacuum dust collector dust removal effect




    Eight. What are the conditions for the construction of the coating line and what kind of paint can be sprayed?




    1. The furniture must be flat




    2. The coating capacity is very large. A 6-person leaching class can cover more than 1000 square meters. The monthly primer and topcoat need to be coated over 10,000 square meters.




    3. The coating machine can be used for PU primer, PU topcoat, PE white primer, PE transparent primer NC primer, NC topcoat, bottom trim, UV paint, water-based paint. Can be used for open matt effect, fully enclosed matt effect, glossy mirror effect