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Uniform Bus Models And Paintings Can Really Avoid Illegal Operations?

2013/03/13 08:53
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HC surface treatment network: "China's bus reform has been carried out for 19 years, but year after year reform seems to have been hanging "space", the momentum of super-matching cars, bus private use is still strong." CPPCC National Committee, Anhui CPPCC Vice Chairman Li Weihua pointed out that the waste and corruption on the wheels could not be tolerated and could not be alleviated. It is recommended to institutionalize and "a game of chess" to solve the public ills of the bus.




    Faced with such ills, "strict vehicle allocation and standards, "zero tolerance" for bus private behavior, found that together with the treatment, punching hard, learning from Hong Kong and Macao practices, bus unified models, uniform painting, uniform color, easy for the public The "supervised" solution has been heated up as soon as it is proposed.




    Uniform automotive painting, from the technical point of view, it is not difficult to operate, it is difficult to unify the painting, can really avoid illegal operation? I think, for now, this is still an unknown question, but we can still explore the familiar automotive painting process.




    In terms of automotive painting process, automotive coating can generally be divided into two parts: one is the surface treatment of the metal before painting, also called pre-treatment technology; the second is the coating construction process. The surface treatment mainly includes removing oil stains, dust, rust on the surface of the workpiece, and removing the old paint layer during the repair work to improve the surface state of the workpiece. This includes machining and chemical treatment of the workpiece surface according to various specific conditions, such as phosphating, oxidation and passivation.




    At the same time, the automotive painting process has its own characteristics and focus depending on the type of vehicle.




    The main painting part of the truck is the front cab, which has the highest coating requirements; other parts such as the carriage and frame are required to be painted lower than the cab.




    The painting of passenger cars is quite different from that of trucks. The body of the bus includes the girders, the skeleton, the interior of the carriage, and the outer surface of the vehicle body, of which the outer surface of the vehicle body is required to be high. The outer surface of the body is not only required to have good protection and decoration, but also has a large spray area and a large plane. There are two or more colors, and sometimes a car ribbon. Therefore, the construction period is longer than that of the truck, the construction requirements are higher than that of the truck, and the construction process is more complicated than the truck.




    Cars and small wagons have higher requirements for surface decoration or underlying protection than for large passenger cars and trucks. Its surface coating is a first-class decorative precision, with a beautiful appearance, bright as a mirror or smooth surface, no fine impurities, scratches, cracks, wrinkles, blistering and visible defects, and should have enough Mechanical strength. The undercoat layer is an excellent protective layer. It should have excellent rust and corrosion resistance and strong adhesion. Partial or all of the putty with good adhesion and high mechanical strength will not rust or be used for several years. Shedding and other phenomena.