Address from chairman

Address from chairman

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Address from chairman

Twenty years ago, as the chief representative of a UK company's representative office in China, I introduced European advanced production equipment and process technology to China. Although our commercial equipment manufacturing industry was just getting started.the enthusiasm for building and the eagerness of engineering and technical personnel to make people feel excited. Since then, I have had a strong desire to have the opportunity to build an engineering system that truly serves the company's production.

Fifteen years ago, my friends and I embarked on the road to entrepreneurship. After years of study, accumulation and exploration, we have gradually established professional technical development, engineering design, project implementation and supply chain management capabilities. My colleagues and I were very excited and proud when a huge factory in Beijing Benz was launched and a new car from Taiwan was built down from the production line we designed and built.

Now, we have grown into a leading automotive coating contractor in China, providing full-process professional services from production line engineering design, non-standard equipment manufacturing, information control system development to complete equipment installation and commissioning. On the basis of foreign cooperation, we have developed a modular, flexible pre-treatment and electrophoresis conveying system, dry painting and other technical processes, which have already formed an advantage in the industry. These technologies are uniquely valuable in helping customers get the best return on investment, significantly reducing energy consumption and reducing emissions.

Looking back at the process of Haden's growth with customers, we are fortunate to witness the development and growth of China's equipment manufacturing industry until it becomes one of the pillars of national industrial development.

The automobile industry is an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry. China has also become the world's largest automobile market, and there are a large number of production line construction needs every year. Moreover, with the new models, new technologies and process innovations, the demand for the reconstruction and expansion of existing production capacity has also emerged in large numbers. We are in an era full of opportunities.

Industrialization technology and information technology are highly integrated, and intelligent devices represented by industrial robots are appearing in large numbers. With the help of mobile Internet technology, industrial intelligence characterized by process control is infiltrating into smart terminals such as tablet computers, such as production. Data acquisition and analysis technology to improve the intelligence of the equipment master machine; use the App technology to generate a smart human-machine interface to improve the operability of the production platform and so on. The rise of vehicle networking technology also constitutes the whole life cycle of vehicle manufacturing, use, traffic management, maintenance and repair, and information services.

So, we are always on the road.

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