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Dry spray booth

The dry spray booth process consists of a dry paint separation system that uses a dry process that uses limestone instead of a wet sink to separate the overspray in the process air of the spray booth. It is easy to clean and environmentally friendly. Circulating wind can be used to reduce energy consumption; water treatment process is adopted, and paint mist filtration rate is >99,9%; waste can also be reused as secondary product in chemical industry

The standard of the dry spray booth has four main components, including dry oil and gas separation system, filtration unit, limestone feeding system and waste recycling system.


The immersion conveying technology consists of a highly modular and flexible transmission unit for pre-treatment and electrophoresis stages with a maximum throughput of 80 bodies per hour, which guarantees high throughput requirements for large-scale production lines. At the same time, the system has better production flexibility, a more compact work station layout, less chemical consumption and more economical energy expenditure, to meet the various requirements of sustainable development of coating production.

Compared to traditional methods, this technology significantly reduces the length of the line and the volume of the processing tank (saving more than 30%), maximizing space usage and ultimately reducing operating costs (less energy bills and chemical consumption).