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1. Painting project design

The whole-system engineering project design of the coating production line consists of subsystem design such as layout development design, process engineering design, utility engineering design, conveyor engineering design, electrical engineering design, paint conveying engineering design and civil engineering design. The optimization plan is finally completed, and a series of production capacity and quality control indicators are achieved.

2、Project package

The coating project general contracting business is a typical “turnkey” project, including plant design and civil engineering, utility and process equipment integration, and we have several successful cases in such projects.

3、Production line reconstruction and expansion

Due to factors such as process adjustment, technical transformation, capacity adjustment, equipment change and production support, the production line will be rebuilt and expanded. Since the construction and reconstruction contractors are usually not a company, the budget is usually limited, the time is tight (usually only using the production time), and the fault tolerance is low, so the technical ability and engineering management experience of the rebuilder are extremely high.

We have extensive experience and best practices in this type of engineering project.

4、Project management

The design of the coating line clearly identifies the project scope and quality level requirements and requires a range of project management methodologies and techniques to balance budget, time and quality requirements. The painting project has the characteristics of large investment, long construction period, low standardization and complicated process. The project management ability directly determines the success or failure of the project.

We have an experienced project management team and consistent project management methods and strict management standards and processes. This “customer vision” project management technology ensures that we deliver high quality engineering every time.

5、Project supervision

Due to the professionalism and complexity of the painting project, customers usually introduce professional companies to undertake project supervision on their behalf to ensure that the builder can deliver high quality projects.

We will share our engineering management experience and project management methods with our customers and builders, and through high-level communication, handling complex situations such as changes and configuration adjustments, and have been well received by customers and builders.

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