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Paint Coating Construction Often Contact Term Explanation
HC surface treatment network: filler: filler is also called filler or body pigment, such as old powder (light calcium carbonate), talcum powder, white carbon black,
Uniform Bus Models And Paintings Can Really Avoid Illegal Operations?
HC surface treatment network: "China's bus reform has been carried out for 19 years, but year after year reform seems to have been hanging "space",
Discussion And Analysis Of Ten Problems In The New Reform of Painting Technology
The paint flows out from the coating library above the coating machine through the curtain knife to form a continuous and complete lacquer curtain. The workpiece is fed by the conveyor belt,
Painting Knowledge: Construction Requirements For Polyurethane Rigid Foam Spraying
HC surface treatment network: 1, ambient temperature requirements
Automotive Coating Production Line Process Introduction
HC surface treatment network: automotive coating production line coating process, generally can be divided into two parts
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