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Haden And Other Design Companies' Technology Comparison - Spray Booth

2013/07/23 16:19
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HYDROSPIN high efficiency spray booth (impact separation water wash)
HYDROSPIN is a spray booth developed and patented by Hayden in the 1970s. For more than 30 years, the company has been continuously developing and perfecting the system at its research center in Detroit, USA.
HYDROSPIN works as follows:
After mixing, the paint particles in the descending airflow are sent to the impact tube at a very high speed together with the water flow. Under the action of high-speed impact, the paint particles are completely separated from the air and carried away by the water flow, so that the discharge tail gas of the spray booth should be No longer contains paint. At present, the paint separation rate of the HYDROSPIN III spray booth can reach 99.97%. In addition, there is no residual paint remaining in the lower structure of the spray booth. At present, a spray booth with an annual output of 200,000 cars can guarantee that the cleaning period is not more than once a year.
The performance of HYDROSPIN in another common venturi spray chamber is as follows:

  Haden low noise impact separation type III Other venturi patterns
Paint separation efficiency 99.6% can be obtained under any production situation 98.2% can only be obtained under ideal conditions
Water consumption 5 liters / sec / meter spray chamber length 7.5 liters / sec / meter spray booth length
  If one or two impact tubes have no flow, it does not affect the work. The local no-flow will affect the balance of the spray chamber, and there is no separation effect in this area.
  Changes in water flow rate do not affect the work The flow rate change has a great impact on the overall performance.
Ambient noise 80DBA
Cleaning cycle Underwater partial cleaning period is 2 years 6 months
Exhaust residual water 0 0.03G M3 displacement
Foaming (water-based paint) Not obvious obvious