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Digital design advantages

The computer designed software model is linked to the automated simulation program of the robot and the spraying equipment, the production simulation simulation design and program development plan and the verification of the production cycle concept design, reducing the project risk, digital manufacturing, shortening the production time, and the production line equipment due to the paperless design. The effects can be accurately measured before implementation.

Conflict/space analysis between equipment saves 2-3%, facility costs Process-driven facilities Process-driven facilities maximize space utilization Standardized design saves 4-5%, potential design cost model change process Rapid implementation design change Workshop lifecycle management training management Maintenance tools.

Engineering best practice advantage

Haden's technology comparison with other design companies - drying oven
Haden Airflow Stirring Type Haden Airflow Stirring Type Other suppliers regular cycle type
Haden And Other Design Companies' Technology Comparison - Spray Booth
HYDROSPIN high efficiency spray booth (impact separation water wash)
HYDROSPIN is a spray booth developed and patented by Hayden in the 1970s. For more than 30 years, the company has been continuously
Haden's Technology Comparison With Other Design Companies
Innovation in spray technology
Process changes require new equipment solutions. The most suitable solution requires knowledge of the entire system.