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Painting Engineering Design And Project Management

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Painting Engineering Design And Project Management

2017/04/26 02:35
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Modern car manufacturing usually consists of four major components, namely stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. Among them, painting is the most complicated part of equipment and technology, and the investment in the coating part usually accounts for more than 30% of the total investment in the process and equipment. Building a world-class coating line requires world-class coating engineering and project management. Beijing Haideng has a team of engineers with 20 years of experience and track and apply the latest technology and engineering best practices through strategic cooperation with leading foreign companies. For example, our successful cooperation with foreign partners in two large projects, Jiangling and Guanzhi, as well as the Russian AUTOVAZ project and the Brazilian project, show that we have the ability to deliver the latest technology to our customers to create a world with the best cost and e.fficiency. Grade coating production conditions and environment .

Our solutions to challenges in painting engineering and project management include:

Engineering Management Solutions

Balance efficiency and cost to ensure customers get the best return on investment .

Detailed health and safety plan.

Professional project management team.

Whole process quality monitoring

The implementation of the project design meets Chinese/global policies and regulations.

Fully understand the value of operational services and the overall process obligations of the project life cycle.

Technical solutions:

In the design of the technical solution, our unique experience ensures that the most efficient and dynamic integrated system is provided to the user. Combine design innovation, high efficiency, high reliability, maintainability and quality considerations to fully meet project specific requirements. The main advantages are as follows:

Layout design concept

The layout of the plan attached to the solution fully considers the customer's technical specifications, the design data and layout parameters detailed in the requirements, and the compliance with international technical standards, work practices and working methods.

Graphic layout development design

In the development and design of the floor plan, considering the overall concept, it provides many long-term advantages, including long-term maintenance and reliability of the equipment, reasonable auxiliary production areas, centralized discharge of exhaust stacks to the atmosphere, rational utilization of equipment, Installation assistance is holistic, rational planning and process consistency.

Process equipment design

Fully consider the specific requirements of the customer regarding process time, size and function. And take advantage of our global capabilities and innovative technologies to meet the needs of users for innovative development.

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