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The Company's "Painting Equipment Project" Passed The Project Completed Environmental Protection Acceptance
On November 16, 2017, the company organized the completion of environmental protection acceptance for the “painting equipment project”,
In The First Quarter Of 2014, Hayden Seth Won The Contract For The General Contracting Project Of The Coating Workshop Of Jiangx
In the first quarter of 2014, Hayden Seth won the contract for the general contracting project of the coating workshop of Jiangxi Isuzu Automobile Co., Ltd.
The Company Successfully Won The Bid For The Reconstruction And Expansion Of Shanghai Volkswagen CPH & CP5 Black Roof Coating Pr
In June 2014, after the customer's full argumentation and fierce competition, the company successfully won the bid for the reconstruction and expansion project of Shanghai
The Company Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Beijing Industrial Design And Research Institute
In June 2014, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Industrial Design and Research Institute.
Beijing Haideng Seti Industrial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. Was Established
In May 2014, Beijing Haideng Seti Industrial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
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