• Beijing Haden Process Engineering Co., Ltd. was established

  • The company's business is upgraded from equipment agents to engineering design and engineering services.

  • Annual revenue exceeds 100 million yuan | Establish professional engineering design and construction management team | Initially formed supply chain management capabilities

  • Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jieyoke.

  • Beijing Benz Coating Line General Contracting Project includes plant civil works, public facilities and follow-up works

  • Started to undertake the upgrading and expansion project of Shanghai Volkswagen Coating Production Line, involving Shanghai and other regional production bases

  • Released modular pre-treatment conveying technology and dry painting technology to significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions, and improve customer input-output ratio.

  • The company's annual revenue exceeded 200 million yuan | Establish non-standard equipment design and manufacturing capabilities

  • JMC-Fort Spraying Shop Line (20JPH Transit, 40JPH Car) Chery Quantum Coating Workshop Line (40JPH)

  • Established ChangZhou Haden Process Engineering Co., Ltd. | Improve the professionalization and engineering supporting capacity of non-standard equipment manufacturing

  • 1. Jiangxi Isuzu:
    Pretreatment electrophoresis production line process equipment and pendulum conveying system - turnkey project

    2. Shanghai Volkswagen-Changsha Factory:
    Final assembly paint rework line

    3. Shanghai Volkswagen (Five Factory, Yizheng):
    Black roof production line

    4. Shanghai Volkswagen (Sixth Factory, Ningbo):
    Black roof production line

    5. Trois Russia
    Drying room conveyor chain

  • 1. Mercedes Brazil Brazil Mercedes:
    Pre-treatment - electrophoresis, spray booth, steel structure export to Brazil

    2. Shanghai Volkswagen Second Factory:
    CPA2 total assembly line repair

    3. Shanghai Volkswagen No. 3 Factory:
    First-line and second-line exhaust gas purification projects

  • 1. Guizhou Geely New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.:
    New coating workshop general contracting project

    2. SAIC Volkswagen Sixth Factory:
    CPH2 Ningbo final assembly paint rework equipment

    3. Weimar Automobile Manufacturing Wenzhou Co., Ltd.:
    Coating line general contracting project

    4. Nissan NMUK Nissan UK:
    Dry spray booth outlet project, static and dynamic pressure chamber, chamber body, connecting chamber body + flash dry channel

  • 1. Mercedes Russia Russia Mercedes:
    Pre-treatment - electrophoresis, spray booth, steel structure export Russia

    2. SAIC Volkswagen:
    TEP trial center painting line transformation
    TFP new workshop paint rework equipment